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  • The IT Courses for Beginners Guide: Which IT Course Should You Do? Study Essentials

The IT Courses for Beginners Guide: Which IT Course Should You Do? Study Essentials

Learn or improve your English – this course is for learners whose first language is not English. More courses may be offered through the year if people want to attend. In part 1 you need some knowledge to join this course, ideally as listed in the entry level courses above. You will learn how to talk about things in the past and going to do in the future. You will use different learning materials to help you such as practical activities, games and the internet. Learn My Way has free courses for you to learn digital skills to stay safe and connected. Learn how to apply network technology skills to start a business or advance your career.

it courses for beginners

From understanding how computer hardware works, to learning how to run a Windows network, our open learning courses can improve your career prospects. More than ever before key aspects of our lives are moving online with the use of computers, tablets, smartphones and other digital devices.

Adult Learning Lewisham (ALL)

Digital inclusion is no longer a nice-to-have, but a need-to-have and people still urgently need access, digital skills and support. We appreciate donations of any size as your donation can contribute to getting more households connected and comfortable using technology.

it courses for beginners

IT engineers invent, develop and build computer hardware and software for businesses. They work with installing and designing systems, networks, applications and software that streamline processes. IT Engineers are also involved in maintaining and troubleshooting these in a business and developing solutions to fix any arising problems.

Principles of Cyber Security Level 2

Learn how to construct a productive CV that can really get you noticed! This module covers effective CV writing and producing cover letters. This packed informative course will give you an awareness of the functions of a business administration role in an office environment. A one off 3-hour course to enable you to use a tablet device with confidence. Learn how to set up a tablet, use WiFi, understand security settings and use a range of everyday apps. This 3-hour session will give you an introductory look at some of the more popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and others.

Information from Leicestershire County Council on local services, latest news and events. Part 1 develops your confidence and ability to speak with ease using present, past and future tenses and conditional forms.

Computers & IT courses

We work hard to improve the health & lives of the community through activities in sport, music, art, culture and learning. Every day, we help people across the city live a great Glasgow life. Complete beginners to those who simply want to brush online it courses up core digital skills using a tablet or iPad device. A free 4 week beginners class to help you understand and learn the basic functions of an iPad or Tablet device. Complete beginners or those who simply want to brush up on core digital skills.

  • We’ll point you in the right direction for even more things you can do and learn online.
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  • C# .NET for Beginners C# .NET is a very popular and modern programming language from Microsoft.
  • We specialise in training our students quickly and effectively thus saving them time and money.
  • Learn My Way has free courses for you to learn digital skills to stay safe and connected.
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