Avast SecureLine VPN Review

Avast includes 32 numerous experience like a cybersecurity company, which VPN support is an example of their leading offerings. This combines advanced features with a simple, useful interface to offer a reliable and fast VPN solution. The impressive list of features comprises of advanced obfuscation techniques that help you sidestep Internet censorship and geo-restrictions. It also provides a wipe out switch and DNS leak safeguard, two important security features that are not always contained in virtual individual network providers.

Despite their impressive set of features, avast secureline vpn does have a few shortcomings. For instance , its machine count is definitely underwhelming in comparison with competitors like NordVPN and ExpressVPN that offer more than 3, 500 servers in above 55 countries. SecureLine’s collection is particularly thinning in some countries, such as the United states of america (where you are able to select simply 16 cities), Germany (two cities) as well as the UK (three cities). In addition , you can only use its P2P hosting space on six of the 35 places.

The good news is that this provider’s acceleration and balance are well endowed, especially over the OpenVPN TCP protocol. In addition, it supports additional protocols such as IPSec, Avast Mimic and WireGuard, but it’s not as detailed as some of your top-rated VPNs.

The no-logs insurance policy is another focus on, as it does not collect data that may identify you such as your original IP address, DNS queries or your browsing record. In addition , this features a wipe out switch, DNS leak cover and WebRTC leak detection in its browser expansion.

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