Are We Really Having Fun at Bars or Just Escaping Reality?

Set challenging, but obtainable, goals for yourself and stick to them. Feeling bored is a frequent issue for people in recovery, and although the issue may seem benign, it can jeopardize recovery by leading to relapse. Start with small things such as complimenting yourself in the mirror or treating yourself to your favorite lunch. Over time you will see how to fill your spare moments with healthy activities and take care of yourself simultaneously. Research from NIH showed that over a 40 year period there were dramatic increases in well-being with sharp decreases in distress during the first six years of recovery. This same study also revealed that during the first year of recovery there were decreases in happiness and self-esteem, these rebounded significantly over the next few years.

sober and bored meaning

You are going to meet these new friends in your own community. Near you, alcoholics are dying helplessly like people in a sinking ship. If you live in a large place, there are hundreds. High and low, rich and poor, these are future fellows of Alcoholics Anonymous. Among them you will make lifelong friends. You will be bound to them with new and wonderful ties, for you will escape disaster together and you will commence shoulder to shoulder your common journey.

Healthy Hobbies to Replace Drinking

Fishing, quilting, gardening, and even video games are much more productive than using drugs or drinking. Fill your idle time with hobbies and activities to keep your brain from drifting to dark places. There aren’t many life experiences comparable to getting sober.

sober and bored meaning

If this sounds like you or your loved one, callThe Recovery Villagetoday. Our caring representatives can help you explore treatment options to achieve long-lasting recovery if you’re struggling to get or remain sober. I didn’t give drinking because of boredom up all my old hobbies to drink while staring at the wall all night. I started drinking because I literally never have free time – maybe five minutes at a stretch, certainly not long enough to play my guitar or go for a hike.


Step outside of your comfort zone and go to meetings in an area you haven’t explored before, even if it means driving further or going alone. • I’ve made a conscious effort to not “screw over Tomorrow Gil”. What I mean by that is, if “Today Gil” doesn’t drink, then “Tomorrow Gil” won’t have a hangover, get a DUI, be fat, etc. I also have a side business, and that has kept me busy most days. But the problem with working so hard on the weekend is that you feel burnt out going back to your “real job” on Monday.

  • Unless he took some drinks, he might not have the courage to scrape an acquaintance and would have a lonely week-end.
  • Many of those same creative geniuses either died as a result of substance abuse or found sobriety was their only hope of surviving and continuing to have success in their field.
  • This is a real-deal program designed for people that are truly, deeply ready to change.
  • When you choose to stop drinking, you’re taking a significant first step.
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